Scott West - The Red Winter Flower featuring five natural red diamonds

Scott West - The Red Winter Flower featuring five natural red diamonds



A true collectors piece featuring not 1, but 6 natural red diamonds totaling over 1 carats in a hand crafted platinum winter flower brooch design. The idea of the design was envisioned on a winters day in New York City, with white bright snow covering flowers through the city.



The Red Winter Flower, brooch was curiously envisioned on a winters day. Our design team studied each red diamond for size and tone to see which angle can work together, many sketches were made but it was only until the visual snow over NYC’s flowers and trees did the final idea come to fruition. Holly bushes which contain red berries are most notably shown in holiday decorations, the bright red color is very attractive in large part survive harsh winters. The 6 red diamonds form together a one of a kind brooch flower design accented by a cluster of white diamonds, with the appearance of the red diamonds to be surrounded by snow.

Collectors often dream of owning one natural red diamond, but to own six is a legacy.
— Scott West, Scott West Jewelry

From sketch to design

From sketch to design


“Predominantly red” means that red is the primary color with no secondary hues (like purple).  In fact, red diamonds are so rare, that GIA records show that over a 30 year period from 1957 to 1987 there was no mention of a GIA lab report issued for a diamond with “red” as the only descriptive term.

That’s a rather remarkable statement considering the number of diamonds GIA’s nine global laboratories grade each year, and that GIA has graded many of the world’s most famous colored diamonds.

Adding to the mystique of red diamonds is the question of how they get their color. GIA researchers, who have been studying diamonds for decades and have access to the most sophisticated equipment, are still not sure what causes their color. One explanation is that “defects in the atomic structure that result from gliding are partially responsible. - for more details visit the GIA website - The GIA Red Article - link

Natural red diamonds shown loose

Natural red diamonds shown loose


Natural red diamonds are among the most respected and important jewels ever found on earth. A  predominantly red diamond is consider to be extremely rare.

The majority of red diamonds found are less than a carat in size and in some extremely rare cases are found around 1-2 carats in size with the largest predominantly red diamond to be the 5.11 carat fancy red and the largest being a 10 carat fancy orangy red. 

The origin of red diamonds is much like pink diamonds with the majority of these diamonds being found in Western Australia at the Argyle pink diamond mine.

Among the 6 red diamonds, 5 are from the Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia.


According to Rio Tinto, in the 33-year history of the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender there have been less than 20 carats of Fancy Red certified diamonds sold. The Argyle pink diamond mine in Western Australia makes up for 90% of the worlds annual pink diamond supply.